A new experience in Cartagena that has it all

Sabrosura, the most recognized artistic performance in Cartagena, now as a permanent cultural showcase of the city.

We blend the local essence with magic and rhythm.

We are more than an entertainment company; we are storytellers of Cartagena’s history through art and culture. We are committed to honoring the authentic essence of this wonderful city.

Boris García

Artistic Director

Sabrosura The Musical

A dream stage where the history and culture of Cartagena come to life on gala nights.



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The Musical

The central permanent work that represents the essence of Cartagena.

Artwork Born

Artistic creations with fragments of the musical, unique for private events.

Sabrosura Fest

An annual festival that celebrates the richness of Cartagena's culture, two days of pure Sabrosura!

The Musical

Artwork Born

Sabrosura Fest

Creativity and tradition intertwine

With over 25 years of experience in the tourism and gastronomy sector of Cartagena, their excellence and quality are essential for Sabrosura.

With more than 10 years dedicated to honoring the oral tradition and popular culture of Cartagena through music, dance, and theater.

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